Ireland and Britain in the Atlantic World: Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group Proceedings 2

Edited by Audrey Horning and Nick Brannon


This book is the result of a joint collaboration between the Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group and the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology and derives from the various papers presented at the fourth annual IPMAG conference, held in the Tower Hotel, Derry in February 2004.

Foreword: Transatlantic perspectives on Ireland and Britain- Audrey Horning and Nick Brannon

PART ONE: Landscapes and Seascapes of Conflict


1. The battlefield archaeology of the Yellow Ford- Paul Logue and James O’Neill
2. Acculturation in the Irish midland plantations of the seventeenth century: an archaeological perspective- James Lyttleton
3. Connections and conflict by sea- Connie Kelleher

PART TWO: Change or Continuity? Rural and Urban Landscapes in Ireland and Britain


4. The Campbell takeover of Islay—the archaeological evidence-David H. Caldwell
5. Booley houses, hafods and sheilings: a comparative study of
transhumant settlements from around the Northern Basin of the Irish Sea-
Stuart Rathbone
6. Peripheral people and places: an archaeology of isolation- Emma Dwyer
7. A brief overview of the formative years of Kenmare, Co. Kerry- Frank Coyne

PART THREE: Material culture, Trade and Manufacturing


8. From the mines to the colonies: archaeological evidence for the exchange and metallurgical usage of English copper in early seventeenth-century Ireland and Virginia- Carter C. Hudgins, Marcos Martinón-Torres and Thilo Rehren
9. The seventeenth-century clay pipe industry in Britain, Ireland and the Atlantic world- Peter Davey
10. The nineteenth-century Scottish pottery industry and its transatlantic exports- George Dalgleish

PART FOUR: Leaving Home: Archaeologies of Identity in the Irish Diaspora


11. The English and the Irish in Newfoundland: historical archaeology and the myth of illegal settlement- Peter Pope
12. Scotland, Ireland and America: the construction of identities through mortuary monuments by Ulster Scots in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries- Harold Mytum
13. Echoes of a tragedy: Grosse-Île, summer of 1847- Geneviève Duguay

Published by Wordwell Books in 2010.
Paperback, 302 pages, colour and b/w illustrations. ISBN: 978 1 905569 38 0

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