Draft National Landscape Strategy

IPMAG welcomes the publication in July by the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht of the Draft National Landscape Strategy. The National Strategy looks to both urban and rural settings. It will be an opportunity to consider post-medieval archaeology as part of a landscape strategy for Ireland, highlight defined landscape characterisations for post-1700 monuments and to have an input into the development of policies, assessment and awareness of the need to protect and preserve modern historic cultural heritage within Ireland's diverse landscape.


As stated within the Draft National Landscape Strategy, the objectives are to:

  • implement the European Landscape Convention by integrating landscape into our approach to sustainable development;
  • establish and embed a process of gathering, sharing and interpreting scientific, technical and cultural information in order to carry out evidence-based identification and description of the character, resources and processes of the landscape;
  • provide a policy framework, which will put in place measures at national, sectoral - including agriculture, tourism, energy and marine - and local level, together with civil society, to manage, protect and properly plan through high quality design for the sustainable stewardship of our landscape;
  • ensure that we take advantage of opportunities to implement policies relating to landscape use that are complementary and mutually reinforcing and that conflicting policy objectives are avoided in as far as possible.

There are six key visions within the Strategy - 1) to have landscape recognised in law; 2) to formulate a national landscape character assessment approach; 3) devise policies for our landscape characterisations; 4) to raise awareness of our landscape; 5) develop educational and training needs and 6) encourage public participation in the assessment, enjoyment and protection of our landscape. 

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