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The Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group seeks to promote amongst academics and the general public a greater understanding of Ireland’s post-1550AD archaeology, history and material culture. It also seeks to promote a holistic approach to this material by means of greater co-operation with persons working in related fields of study.


The aims of the group are:

  1. To undertake initiatives that will help raise the profile of post-medieval archaeology within Ireland.
  2. To foster greater contacts between those individuals engaged in researching the archaeology, history and culture of post- 1550 Ireland.
  3. To lobby for increased academic attention to be paid to the post-medieval period within Irish universities.
  4. To seek greater protection for post-1700s monuments under National Legislation in Ireland.


Formed in Belfast in 1999, IPMAG’s inaugural conference was held in 2001 and has become our key annual event. Conference is held every February at locations across the country and attracts a range of delegates from professional archaeologists to the general public. We have been delighted in the past to host the conference in in conjunction with the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology (UK); and the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement. 


As well as hosting an annual conference and fieldtrip, IPMAG has been active in lobbying government departments and heritage agencies to recognise the value and importance of our post-medieval past. This has led to increased awareness in and the study of this aspect of Irish archaeology, which has been all the more recently emphasised in this era of commemorations and where key locations are integral to our understanding of events from our most recent historical past. IPMAG has published a number of significant books on Post-Medieval Archaeology, as part of its conference proceedings series of publications.


IPMAG members range from all fields and walks of life with the common goal to promote Ireland’s post-medieval archaeology both nationally and internationally. With Ireland’s rich historical archaeological landscape that represents our recent past, this cultural resource has links across the oceans to the Continent and New World where explorers, merchant venturers, emigrants, slaves and in most recent times, our Diaspora, have forged connections across the Atlantic, with many returning in time to imprint further on our national heritage.  It is this post-medieval cultural heritage that IPMAG seeks to promote, protect and embrace.


Website: www.ipmag.ie

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